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​"Children are a gift from the Lord". Psalm 127:3


0-Months - 1 Year of Age ​

At Just Babies Club House we understand how important it is to keep each baby on the right developmental path. We know that babies' needs vary from day to day, so we are very flexible with tending to each child. We will strive to incorporate reading, music, movement, arts, and crafts. Circle time will happen every day and will consist of reviewing letters, numbers, and singing songs. At Just Babies Club House we understand the importance of movement and tummy time. We are excited to incorporate yoga and baby massages into the program to help with relaxation and separation anxiety between child and parent. 

​Graduating from Just Babies Club House

Just Babies Club House is a Center that only goes up to one year of age. We are here to start their fundamental growth and make sure that each baby starts off on the right track. We are aware that even though a child turns one, they are still a baby and may not be ready to move on. Every baby develops on their own timing and Just Babies takes that into consideration. Once the baby/toddler is ready to graduate and the parent is comfortable with their decision, the child will transfer to one of the two locations. Palmer Childcare Academy and Learning Center is directly next door to Just Babies Club House and Wilson Borough Childcare Academy and Learning is located in Wilson PA. Parents will have a choice about which location they see fit for their child. 

Palmer Childcare Academy & Learning Center

2918 William Penn Highway
Palmer, Pennsylvania 18045
610.438.8830 - office
610.438.8831 - fax#

Wilson Borough Childcare Academy & Learning Center

1649 Washington Boulevard (rear)
Wilson, Pennsylvania 18042

610.438.5200 - office
610.438.3954 - fax#

Just Babies Clubhouse

2918 William Penn Highway Unit 2
Palmer, Pennsylvania 18045
610.438.4800 - office
610.438.4802 - fax#

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