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About Us

Just Babies Club House is ...

A Natural, Holistic place where you can bring your baby to receive the love and nurture they deserve. Our staff's number one priority is keeping your baby happy, safe, and always leaving with a smile. Just Babies Club House number one rule for the staff, is to treat every child as if they were your own.


We strive to maintain a clean and safe environment for every child enrolled. We take pride in keeping your infant/baby on the right developmental path. Just Babies Club House is here to give every parent peace of mind when they leave their child under our care. We promise to always keep the children happy and the parents satisfied.


"Babies Are A Gift From God"

Enrollment Now Available.

Looking Forward to you joining the Club House Family!!!!


Palmer Childcare Academy & Learning Center

2918 William Penn Highway
Palmer, Pennsylvania 18045
610.438.8830 - office
610.438.8831 - fax#

Wilson Borough Childcare Academy & Learning Center

1649 Washington Boulevard (rear)
Wilson, Pennsylvania 18042

610.438.5200 - office
610.438.3954 - fax#

Just Babies Clubhouse

2918 William Penn Highway Unit 2
Palmer, Pennsylvania 18045
610.438.4800 - office
610.438.4802 - fax#

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